CSGO Esports Betting Sites

The impact of esports on the modern gaming industry cannot be overemphasized. Every year, more and more bookmakers include in their event grids additional bets on esports tournaments’ outcomes. Mainly because it is in the industry that real money is involved. The popularity of many tournaments has long surpassed the popularity of sporting events such as the Champions League or MMA.

Where a considerable number of interested viewers are concentrated, sooner or later, advertisers will indeed appear. This is one of the modern market’s fundamental laws, which is almost impossible to challenge or repeal. It’s hard to say whether ad integrations are considered positive or negative. However, the fact remains – advertising and massive financial investments inherently improve the quality of content delivery.

This is precisely the fate that befell esports. What began as a hobby for individual groups of fanatical enthusiasts who held LAN tournaments in the basements of high-rise buildings and their favorite computer clubs eventually grew into big business.

Now esports tournaments are held for all large and well-known games. The market leaders include tournaments in Dota 2, CSGO, League of Legends, Rocket League, Team Fortress 2, and more. Any modern game with a large enough community has a chance to get its own esports tournaments. If we are talking about CSGO betting today, then CSGO esports was initially doomed to success.

Once upon a time, Counter-Strike, like many other now super popular products, was born as a fan add-on to the legendary first Half-Life. In those days, no one could have imagined what scale of popularity Counter-Strike would acquire over time. Time passed, unsuccessful modes, and unbalanced, albeit loved by many, cards were eliminated. When Valve released CSGO, the launch of the future bestseller was not particularly impressive. 

How to Pick CSGO Esports Betting Site

When choosing a site for esports betting, you need to pay attention to several main factors. It is always better to spend a few minutes before starting rampant esports betting and choose the most suitable site than regretting later that a rash and wrong choice was made.

Tournaments Coverage

When it comes to esports betting, it is always essential to understand that your bookmaker should cover all existing tournaments as best as possible. Just having the right game title on the list of brands shouldn’t be enough to tip the scales towards one side or the other. The depth of coverage of eSports tournaments should be carefully checked.

A promising sign will be coverage of all passing events, down to the most insignificant and local. It is impossible to guess which tournament for your favorite game you decide to watch next. You never know if the match you are looking for will end up in a bookmaker’s tournament grid with dubious coverage. It is better not to take risks and choose bookmakers right away, who cover every event down to the most insignificant ones.

Esports Betting Odds 

The second important factor is considered to be the game odds. The odds themselves do not usually differ very much between different bookmakers. However, the user must necessarily be interested in something else here – the upper and lower frames of the coefficients and the speed of their change by the changing situation.

Agree, it is always lovely to catch too high odds on the favorite team, which found itself in a losing situation a minute before the end of bet acceptance. In such cases, you can multiply your rate several times, sometimes tens of times. And this is possible only with the best bookmakers with the most flexible and floating odds.

Deposit and Withdrawal Methods 

Last but not least is the list of deposit methods offered by the service. It is necessary to make sure that there is a payment system essential for each specific user. It also does not hurt to get acquainted with the reviews of other users, evaluate the reliability and conflict nature of the resource, and evaluate the speed of withdrawal of funds and the number of difficulties arising in the process of ordinary users.

Reliable and proven esports betting services will not risk their reputation for dubious gains to seize users’ winnings. However, when interacting with small CSGO esports betting sites, this advice can be especially relevant. Do not neglect your savings’ safety – choose only reliable and large esports betting sites from the list below.

Best CSGO Esports Betting Sites


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GG.bet – many advanced methods of depositing and withdrawing fundsergonomic interface, nice design, progressive mobile application.


CSGOPolygon – not only esports betting but also alternative game modesthe, most advanced affiliate program among all major services.